Sexy Denim Issue

This issue is about fall; the long over anticipated coolness of autumn is what we are longing for. One thing for sure we don’t think twice about is jeans. It’s the fabric we live in and continue to make stylish no matter what time of the year. In this issue we give you some sexy denim looks from some wonderful photographers.

This issue is dedicated to the follow up of producer Charles Belk who last year was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. He was arrested, and bail was set for one hundred thousand dollars because they say he fit the description. We posted the story when it first came out in our August 2014 issue and we are thankful to Charles to allow us to do the follow up one year later. Hear what this man on a mission has accomplished in a year by turning the unjustifiable incident that happened to him into a State Bill “Auto Erase Law” which will diminish the thought and problems of trying to take a charge off your record especially one you did not commit.

Read his story and see what progress he has accomplished from the curb to the capital.

Also take a look at what women really want from men, along with how to deal with Baby Daddy Drama.


Enjoy the issue


Yvonne Coleman-Burney


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