Jackie Faraoui is a 24 year old girl with origins from Europe and Middle East, and with a voice of old time and authentic American R&B. Her multinational layers makes her very unique in regards to voice and looks. That’s why Jackie feels and considers herself more like a citizen of the world. Her vocal skills were nurtured at the age of 12, when she started taking piano lessons simply out of passion and love for music. A huge influence on that, was the fact that her family was already in the entertainment business and built a career long before Jackie was even born. Indeed the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Fast enough, Jackie understood where her heart lies and that’s when she started experimenting and composing her own music with her own lyrics. Jackie’s musical influences vary from Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston and Imagine Dragons to Evanescence to EDM and HOUSE. Her inspiration comes from her own personal experiences as well as what is happening in the world, such as love, hate, relationship, poor and rich, children, war. Her 1st EP Release Escape is radio played in various stations from USA, Canada, Australia and the viewers comments have already a positive vibe. Clearly we’re gonna hear a lot about her in the future! Her voice, music and lyrics will captivate you all, and her impact will affect you as she did us.


Official Website: www.jackiefaraoui.com

VEVO Music Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNpeBGx9rls



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