Avoiding That Additional Holiday Weight

With the holidays coming soon, you share memories and experiences with loved ones and friends near and far. But there is a downside to all that love, goodwill and cheer, the loads of food. Turkey, ham, mac n’ cheese, stuffing and the like are delicious until you think of the extra calories you’re consuming. Now holiday cooking involves a lot of love but also butter, gravy, etc. In order to make it to the new year with the same waistline or an even smaller waistline. It’s important to know your portions and limits.  Here are 5 tips for keeping the extra weight off during the holidays!

  1. Never Go Back for Seconds
  2. Even with the cold weather, Exercise in-doors simple sit-ups or walking in your home can help to burn calories
  3. Look for healthier alternatives for some of those holiday dishes
  4. Don’t drink your Calories (i.e. eggnog)
  5. Turn Fitness into a Holiday Challenge with friends. See who can keep off the extra weight.

How do you plan to keep off the holiday weight, comment below!


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