Month: March 2016

Plaid & Strips?

Well I bet you never thought that a stripped wool suit with a plaid tie and and  yellow vest would look so good “right?”  Just goes to show what a little imagination will do.  So here’s the thing the coolness is of this is that even though the patterns are so mixed it actually look really good you could even change the yellow vest to another color in the tie?  umm definitely a game changer.

Man’s Best Friend

Dog’s are awesome pets and so are cats but a man and his dog is a wonderful thing.  It’s like having a child around and even though they don’t physically talk they have a communication all thier own that let’s you know what they want or need.  Dogs are really sensitive and intuitive also.  It is said that they can predict a lot of things they just seem to know it is going to happen before it does.  You can read more on that  at this link and also it is a great website to get all sorts of info for your pet.


Travel Spots For Single Men 2016

We looked at some of the hot spots that have been mentioned for single men to travel and most of them are of course sunshine beach spots to relax under a tree with a bruskie and do nothing.  “How good is that?”

Here is a few of them but am sure you make your own destination that fits your taste and style .

  • Ontario- Great hunting and fishing spots
  • Hong Kong- Great food, museums and entertainment
  • Rio de Janeiro- Plenty to do from sun up to sun down
  • Brazil- “What else the women”