Month: April 2016

Some Real Ram History! “Ready?”

Some of you might not be ready for this or even know who the heck am talking about but this is a real OG from the LA Rams and one of the best.  A NFL icon when the LA Rams was really the LA Rams.  Eric Dickerson  his 11 season career was amazing he played with  Atlanta, Indianapolis Colts, The LA Raiders, then The LA Rams in 1983 till he quit.  He was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 1999 a true Boss Mann.

This painting of him is really cool done by artist Michael Pattison and you can purchase this if you are a Dickerson collector at  link below, he also has artwork of Kobe as well.

Surfs Up!

If you are into surfing and looking for that next cool spot to hit the water, well then you should pack your bags and head on over to Biarritz, France.  The only place in the world you can surf with a castle in the water.  The water is awesome, beautiful and the fares can be okay if you can catch a good deal check with Groupon or one of the other travel links that can get some really good deals on air, room and car rentals.

Hawaiian Berry Smoothie

Hey Fellas,

throwing a pool party anytime soon?  Well this is the cool man’s drink you can make just for the ladies in your world.  This is a sure winner to win them over with  and for you to make some huge brownie points.

Vegetarian, Gluten free
3 Banana, frozen
2 cups Berries, frozen
1 cup Mango, frozen
1 Orange
1/4 cup Orange juice
1 container Berry yogurt
1/4 cup Milk