Tips To Trim Eye-Brows

Well men, got some unruly eyebrows going on?  There is a few ways to get them under control but we are not sure it is for every man and some can be painful if you are not used to dealing with your eyebrows at all.  It takes a few times then it will be a piece of cake.

So here are some of the ways you can get them to look cleaner and neater and not all over the place.

  1. You can trim them with scissors
  2.  You can have them waxed by a professional at any salon for waxing
  3. You can do the threading which is the new wave of eyebrows these days and women seem to like it much better than waxing.
  4. You can also pluck the wild hairs yourself with tweezers
  5. And last but not least you can also shave them with a straight razor.  If you wear a bald head and use a razor you can trim them down as well.
  6. Or you can use a hair remover cream by taking a q-tip and applying on the areas you want removed.  After a while wipe the cream off  wash the area really good and apply an astringent.

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