Month: November 2016

It’s My Style, My Way!

If you are still trying to find your style and not sure what is really you, then its a matter of you trying various things that you like, mixing and matching and playing around till you find what works for you.  Then little by little you add to things like accessories that make a huge part of your wardrobe from scarves to hats, jewelry and signature items that say who you are.

Fish, Hike & More

Mt Harbor Resort

Just want to fish, hike, relax just get away from the hustle and bustle of life, cell phones, TV, News, drama and all the stress?  Then Mt Harbor Resort might be the place to consider its a wonderful place to rest, relax, go fishing, Hiking and horseback riding and they also have a world class spa, (Turtle Cove Spa).
There is also an absolutely great restaurant. Mountain Harbor is the place to be for quite times or even family reunions. Check it out, you might be glad you did.

The Weekender

Got some traveling to do these next few weeks then J.Crew says they have the bag for you.  The “HARWICK WEEKENDER BAG.”  It is a must have for the man who is on the run a lot.  The bag is a water-repellent nylon bag that is  packed with thoughtful details, like leather handles, it has around eight pockets.  The weekender keeps your toiletries, clothes, and your phone charger’s separate, so everything stays organized and neat.  Around 150.00 at J.Crew Co.

Men’s Grooming Product Review


With the  demand for top-notch grooming items for men, we are finding more and more companies  responding to the cry.  Man Cave is one that is making a statement in men’s grooming items with a complete line  of products from face to body care.  ManCave is a line of quality grooming products for men that are natural and free of unhealthy ingredients that are in many other grooming products which make it a plus right off the bat.

Jimi Hendrix-Music Icon

NOV 27, 1942

Legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix  who was born in Seattle, Washington Nov 27, 1942.  Hendrix is considered one of the greatest and most influential guitarists in rock music history, who was way ahead of his musical years and time.  He is most remembered for his psychedelic rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” at the Woodstock Festival and for lighting his guitar on fire at the Monterey Festival. His signature song is widely considered to still be “Purple Haze.”  We say Happy Birthday Jimi who would be 74 on Sunday.