Back to the Future

Throwback to when wind breaker jackets and B-boys ruled the street and fashion scene. Well it seems like history does in fact repeat itself as these and many other iconic staples make a remarkable return, all thanks to technology. Yes, technology.

How you ask?…

Well ever since the release of the iPhone in the early 2000’s, everything from our watches, refrigerators and even vacuums have gotten smarter and more complicated to use. Causing everyone who isn’t a millennial to reminisce about the good ol’ days and wishing that they were doing the macarena at their high school prom. An even bigger component to the reviving of these classic styles is social media and the envious lifestyle it has created. Without a doubt, everyone has envied another persons life after seeing it posted on Instagram or Facebook and yet we still haven’t magically turned into that person.

So in order to gain that attention,those viewers, subscribers and likes…we must imitate the past. As many of you may have noticed that fanny packs made a small comeback (thanks to Coachella’s hipster party goers), as well as visors and all white vans (thank you Baby from Dirty Dancing). So to those who think that today’s fashion is hip and trendy, take a look at the past or better yet ask your parents to show you their high school yearbook. You’ll come to find out, that even like today’s music…it’s just a remodeled, repackaged idea.

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