Luis Mercado – Entrepreneur/Actor

Boss Mann Luis Mercado is a native of Palm Springs CA, now residing in Los Angeles sat down with us to share his story. He began acting at an early age.  He was 8 yrs old when he started doign stand up comedy. He impersonated everyone from Jim Carrey to Chris Tucker to name a few.  Although he was involved in Theather througout middle school & high school, martial artis eventutally became his true passion. Training in sports such as Karate, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai & Wresteling eventually prepared him for his college career.  Shorftly after high school, Luis went on to wrestle for Palomar College where he served as a Team Captain and led his team to a 2007 California State Championship title.

After graduating from college Luis ran into a Hollywood manager who encouraged him to start an acting career. He decided to relocate to Los Angeles to purse his acting career and shortly after his move he booked a National Commercial for Amtrak which gave him all the confidence in the world to truly purse more work in the lm industry. A highlight of his career was securing a role along side actor Raymond Cruz in a national TV show “Major Crimes”. Throughout his acting career he has been able to book over a dozen National Commercials in addition to multiple TV shows. As an entrepreneur using his acting skill experience he was able to create initial content using YouTube platform that went viral in upwards of 10 million views, this sudden success led to a partnership with his long time friend to create a YouTube channel called “To Catch a Cheater”. The channel has grown to over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and Facebook within the rst year of existence, totaling over 400 million views. Luis tells us that his story is still being written and to stay tuned for the continued growth he is forecasting to have.

Luis continues to book acting jobs in addition to staying disciplined with his purple belt 
martial arts training under Sean Flannery (The Boondocks Saints). He trains at the Hollywood Brazilian Jitsu & MuaThai under world renowned coach Rafael Cordeiro. If all that was not enough, he also runs a rental company during his free time to make sure he stays productive with his time all day every day.  Luis’s daily life is definitely fast pace and exciting.

In addition to his acting career, Social Media and Internet success and rental property responsibility Luis also possesses a background in Psychology and Social Dynamics. At one point he taught body language seminars. Luis is very passionate about human behavior and learning patterns. A piece of advice he gives us is that it takes about 5-10 years to become an overnight success.




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