Latinos for the “W”

I’m sure we’ve all heard the iconic lyrics by now, the ones that seem to have taught everyone and their mother Spanish…well one word to be exact. “Despacito” aka slowly, was released in January of this year by Latin artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. The song only had reached a few million views on YouTube shortly after its release and wasn’t being played on every radio station every 15 minutes. Fast-forward to April when Canadian pop start Justin Bieber heard the song while dancing the night away in Spain and extended a proposal to jump on the track. Hit the golden buzzer!

In the four months after it debuted featuring Bieber, Despacito made its way onto almost every air-wave as this Summer’s hottest hit. So much so that it surpassed See You Again (#2 originally #1) and Gangnam Style (#3) as the most viewed YouTube video, with over 3 billion views. However, it’s not the version featuring the Biebs that conquered the top spot, its the original track from January that has Latino’s proud.

This is the first time for both Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee in the #1 spot and only the second time a Spanish-language song reaches this position after the Macarena did back in 1996! According to, Despacito gets viewed nearly 15 million times a day,  giving it enough views to keep the track in the top spot for a good while.

May their success last long and this be a reminder to all that Spanish music is alive and growing.


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