Who the ‘Hair’ did that?

Many men find it an essential part of their morning to add the finishing touches to that perfect hair-do. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Grooming Lounge, men spend an average of 30 to 45 minutes a day getting ready in the bathroom. Combing and styling their hair soaks up most of this time.

Can you blame us? With a vast selection of hair products to choose from and only 30 minutes to get it right before walking out…it’s a race against the clock. That’s why we decided to break down the types of products that are most common and tell you with what hairstyles they work best. You’re welcome.

Pomade: Typically a water based product which gives the hair a shiny and slick look. Probably one of the most known pomades today is Suavecito, beware however, as many people have reported hair fall-out after using it. Pomade is appropriate for men who seek a pompadour or straight-slick hairstyle. It has an excellent hold and molds easily with a little water, not to mention it dries almost instantly for that shiny finish.

Clay/Paste: A much thicker consistency than the other products, this option is most common for longer/thicker hair. Clay or paste really have no hold to them, very little if any and are meant for those men whom perspire heavily or are athletic. Why? Well, these products are ALOT harder to wash out and last a longer time in the hair, letting the person who applied it to wear it for more than just one day. A very greasy feel to it, this option is suitable for “beach” hair, curly heads, blow out looks and basically people who don’t have much time. Side note: Never wear a hat when using this, consider your hat ruined and this your warning!

Gel: Unless you’re in elementary school or a pre-teen, you shouldn’t be using gel. Everyone at one point has used or touched gel whether it came from a bottle or an over-sized tub. Gel is meant for little kids, water-based as well and scented with floral hints (which makes no sense) gel is ideal for moms wanting to dab some in their hands and give their 7 year old some cool spiky hair. However, we all know that boys will be boys and want to style their own hair, which is perfect because almost all gels are easy to mold and wash off from hands and hair in seconds.

Wax: The beautiful balance between pomade and clay with the clean up time of gel. Wax has a firm hold but not a crispy (it feels like my hair is about to break off) one and molds and spreads like butter. The amazing thing about wax products is that you can style your hair and still run your fingers through it with no greasy palms coming out of it or hairs being pulled. Probably ideal for all types of hair but more commonly used in barber shops for “messy” looks, side part pompadours, man-buns, comb-overs and many more. Offered in a variety of scents (not floral) and sizes, every man should try it out and create that perfect style.

We hope that these tips helped many of you out there, and now you’ll be strutting into work with that new look because you used the right product. Shine on!


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