Deonna Nichole Boutte is a singer and actress based out of Los Angeles, CA.   Deonna’s story comes to us via Divine Model and Talent Management Inc. (DMTM INC). Deonna’s charismatic and positive soul stood out to us, and once we got a glimpse of her story it was only right, we embark on a journey to tell her story. 

Deonna is a Boss Woman ready to take the reins of her future into her own hands, as a Boss, Deonna will always execute and produce more than she is asked to, being proactive and hardworking has always paid off to make her dreams come true. Deonna understands the importance of teamwork, she recognizes when to ask for help from the right people.

Being in the model industry is very volatile when it comes to getting work, as a plus size model there have been times when she felt overlooked. One of her biggest sacrifice has been her diet, lifelong habits and addictions were hard to eradicate. Deonna remembers having to quit musical theatre because she could not make turns across the dance floor without having to sit out the rest of her classes. Deonna’s life choices for comfort and instant gratification and the unwillingness to do what difficult is what drives her motor today. Deonna recognizes that you either go after your dreams over comfort, or you continue a life of dissatisfaction and a quiet seeping misery.

Deonna touched on the industry obstacles when it comes to modeling, for her it has been the typical scenarios, being overlooked as a plus size African American model is the obvious situation affecting thousands of women on a daily basis. In addition to the obstacles hardwired into the foundation of esthetics in a very cutthroat industry, she goes on to say that self-confidence is an obstacle that restrains a lot of people before even getting to an audition or casting. A lot of people never give themselves a chance to even apply or submit their portfolio because they “assume” they won’t get the part based on previous experiences. The key here, is to have a bad memory, to understand that you will have more rejection than approval, but at the end of the day all you need is one shot for a door to open. Deonna wants to encourage everyone to keep pushing, to always submit your work, even when YOU think you aren’t good enough for the part.

If she had to do it all over again, she would understand and accept that she has what it takes, she would start all over very confident. By the time it is all over and done, Deonna would love to have sparked courage in more people that she can count, to inspire people and have them find the courage to love themselves, to be original, to meet life with a deeper awareness of divine love and dare to make their dreams a reality.