The New Circulation Mag Release Dates 2017

The Boss Mann

Quarterly Schedule

Feb, May, Aug & Nov

January  2017

Futuristic Issue (deadline for submissions December 13th)

All about the Boss Mann for 2017 Who is he? And what does he represent in the world. The fashion theme is FUTURISTIC – the vision of fashion of the future to come.

 March 2017 

Glam Rocker issue (deadline February 13 th)

This issue is our “Glam Rocker” the Pop Culture issue where any and everything goes in fashion lots of color, and extreme patterns for men to wear -need designers who are all about mixing patterns and colors 

 May 2017

The Beauty Of  Contrast Issue (deadline April 13th)

This is a very unique issue one that I am excited about shooting its the essence of originality – It is our Contrast  issue With Albino models of all sizes, skin tones and color it’s an art form of graceful poses and tells a story

—– July 2017 —–

Summer Issue (deadline June 13th)

This issue is our mens summer issue with cool easy breezy summer gear and fashion for day or evening, from the beach to the red carpet nice summer linen suits, swim suits, shorts and casual wear.


—-– September 2017-—-

Wild Wild West  (deadline August 13th)

Let’s bring it home boys with a little taste of the Wild Wild West with a Millenium twist. It’s chaps, leather, horses, rope , a camp fire and the pure essence of the rough life with style

—– November 2017—–

Holiday Glam Issue  (deadline October 13th)

This will be our holiday issue Thanksgiving and Christmas so the fashion will be for both and reflecting on the past year getting ready for the new one. Fashion is party life, and Holiday Glam.

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