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Boss Mann Editor Letter:

When I began to think about my 2021 L.A. Fashion Week outfit, I knew I wanted something different. Although there were several options for a suit, I wanted this Covid era trip to the L.A. Fashion show ceremony to be extraordinary. The remarkable thing about Fashion is it accepts us to experiment and move outside our contentment zones, to attempt new things. Keeping that in mind, I wanted an appearance that was associated with Fashion’s future. A suit company named xSuit came to mind, they are as striking as any of the better-known designer’s garments, but it is powered with cutting-edge technology, from the way the fabric is produced to the way it’s put together.

I honestly felt good wearing my xSuit for several hours as I enjoyed my evening during one of the Los Angeles fashion show installments. xSuit’s Thermo Fusing Technology allowed me to be comfortable after the show ended. To my utter surprise, I learned that Thermo Fusing Tech allows the garments to be machine washable!! To be more specific, their garments include proprietary Infinite Flex fabric that makes the material stretchier, lighter, and more breathable than ever before. Can you imagine throwing your traditional suit in the washer? What a disaster that will be very quickly!

Historically, attending a Fashion show can expose your garments to many “accidents” during the Fashion Show, or at the after-party when your shoes will be stepped on, or even a spilled drink on you. xSuit’s USA-Developed Nanotechnology protects the fabric from stains and odors; I tested it; water rolled right off the xSuit!!! Amazing.

Did I mention that it is wrinkle-resistant?  Yes, my xSuit’s proprietary pattern provides resistance against wrinkles.  xSuit fabric uses your body heat to activate its shape memory and return to its default state. 

My xSuit has quickly become my favorite! It is so comfortable and multi-purpose; it feels casual but can be worn with almost anything. I thoroughly recommend this xSuit and all their products.

Here is their Mission Statement available at their website:


We believe that you should never have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of style. The clothes you wear should complement your looks and your lifestyle, not just your looks. We seek out and develop the most cutting-edge technology in order to make the most comfortable clothing that keeps you looking your best all day long. Join us on our mission to create modern clothing that’s comfortable, stylish, and easy-to-maintain for men all over the globe.

The X Symbol:

We chose the letter X for its technological, scientific, and intellectual meanings. It’s always been a powerful symbol, just as powerful as the garments we wanted to create. X represents the crossing of two things, which has the basis of xSuit- crossing sartorial workwear clothing with performance wear to create a new category – Smart Wear.

For more information about how they got started, I encourage you to click on their website listed; I found their entire products and operation so encouraging because they are indeed the future in Fashion.

Shoutout to the entire xSuit team for the great experience.    Thank you.


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