Hats off to 2018! As the first Boss Mann Magazine of 2018, we are filled with excitement and inspiration. This month’s theme is called Time to Love. We chose this theme because Valentine’s Day is known as the holiday of love and it is in the month of February, It is Black History month where we celebrate the love and contributions of the African-American race here in America but also with the consideration of the current social climate in our world, love is desired. When we think about the purity and power of love, it shows us how there is no bias or boundaries within it. One of the definitions of love is; an intense feeling of deep affection and that is just what this first Boss Mann issue of the year seeks to give our readers. Our cover with Omid Kay displays the Boss Mann Magazines deep affection for culture. Having this gifted and striking Persian-American on the cover is such an honor. Mr. Kay is the first person of Persian heritage on the cover of this new era of Boss Mann magazine.


This issue introduces two new bloggers; Dana Williams and Justin Timbershake.  The Boss Mann magazine considers it an honor to have these two new bloggers because they are passionate about inspiring and positively impacting the lives of all people. When you look at the world today, you see all kind of discord and hardship and the news on television definitely makes sure that everyone is informed of every bit of it. While there is an abundance of negativity in our world, there are so many beautiful displays of love and positivity. Boss Mann magazine is committed to utilizing our platform to present some of these beautiful displays of love and spotlight who is carrying them out. As always, we encourage all of our readers to take your time and get familiar with this issue. We create with our readers in mind. In the spirit of this month’s Boss Mann’s theme, Time to Love, please accept this issue as part of our love for you.

Pick up a copy here

Boss Mann - Cover Feb - FINAL - 2018

Omid Kay

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