Hello Boss Mann family. As always, it is a pleasure for us to address you once again and share the current Boss Mann publication. This month’s theme is titled; Things are heating up. We chose this theme because we literally feel and have seen things heat up temperature wise, but we are also seeing and feeling things heat up in our country as it relates to social and political climate. I must say it has been an interesting and intriguing thing to see the moves our government has been making since the departure of the Obama Administration and the arrival of the TrumpAdministration. Also, interesting is seeing so many of our fellow countrymen live in a state of confusion regarding their political position. I have had some people express their concerns, fears, and disappointments with our government while others have expressed their joy, satisfaction, and admiration on this same topic. The Boss Mann platform is a very conscious one, in which we are active participants in our world on all levels. Yes, we bring our audience entertainment, fashion, inspiring stories, and tips, but we also care about civic engagement. In our opinion, it does a disservice to our audience if we don’t keep you conscious in the affairs of our world. We understand that civic engagement is not always the most positive depending on the specifics of it, but the Boss Mann seeks to bring the triumph even in those times and hopes to instill empowerment, courage, and inspiration in the hearts and spirits of all who experience us. A true boss provides a voice for the voiceless and stands in the gap for those who are disconnected.

Enjoy this month’s issue of the Boss Mann.

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  1. I like the concept of you Magazine and if interested I have a Story that Would make for a Great Read Of a Young Man who Has over come some very difficult obstacles to get where he is today. I would you guys to feature his story of Beating Cancer not Once but twice to becoming Hip Hop soon to be Newest sensation.


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