Mike Peele


Boss Mann Magazine is fortunate enough to bring you yet another powerful story that changes lives. 

We are blessed to bring you Mike Peele’s story.

Who is Mike Peele?

First and foremost, Mike Peele is a Boss Mann by any standard.  

Mike Peele is a blessed and multi-talented individual, a man dedicated to this craft, self-motivated, and while he admits of being a bit impatient at times, he is always looking for the silver lining in any situation. Mike is also a lover and no longer a fighter but does fight through adversity with such ease.

Based on Boss Mann Magazine’s experience, we discovered that Mike always comes from love, which sets him apart because people will always gravitate to love, and love always wins. There is no doubt about Mike Peele’s love energy, but we also found out that he equally possesses the same energy for health & wellness and entrepreneurship. 

Mike Peele is a fitness athlete/content creator influencer born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Detroit, MI. Mike started a movement called “Hip Hop Fit”. Mike’s program is one of Los Angeles’s top dance/fitness workout classes; due to COVID-19 pandemic, it currently runs on YouTube, and it has accumulated a total of 154,000 subscribers with multiple thousand views per video drop. Mike’s class consists of a high energy dance class and addicting dance moves anyone can follow. Mike’s Hip Hop Fit class burns at least 300 calories with up to 1000+ calories per session; it also helps build a toned body and push your mind and body to the next level. A great thing to point out about Hip Hop Fit is that it makes sure nobody feels judged, and everyone is welcome to take the class from beginner to advanced fitness. Reaching fitness goals and committing to a new and improved lifestyle is Hip Hop Fit’s goal. Mike’s program came from a place of love as he wanted to instill his passion for dance and fitness. While people get so much out of Hip-Hop Fit’s program, Mike shared with Boss Mann Magazine how rewarding it is to see people connect with others right away, friendships, and relationships have come from these dance workout sessions. It has also allowed him to see how so many different people from all backgrounds come together and share the same passion, health, and wellness. Mike is most proud of people’s lifestyle changes knowing they will live a happier and healthier life.

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