Prince toe, Sr.

shoe Designer, bodybuilder and book author

In our November 2020 issue, we bring you Prince Toe Sr., born in Monrovia, Liberia, in 1982. Raised by his grandmother and being the firstborn, he learned responsibility at a young age. Prince remembers having to relocate to his mother’s native country at seven years old, Ivory Coast. A child having to relocate can be a positive experience for a family, but it can also have negative implications for the children involved. Relocating to a new home has the most overwhelming impact on kids over the age of 5, as it’s intensely challenging for them to leave behind friends and adjust to a new school during this significant time of development. Having to pick up and move was not mainly a fun experience for Prince Toe; adjusting to a new culture became the norm.

Prince is also a professional natural bodybuilder and published author. Prince’s book is titled “New Age, New Awakening & Your Health Is Your Wealth.” Prince also manages to find the time to be a martial artist, bodybuilder, and soccer player. Prince told Boss Mann magazine that he likes to help others reach their dreams and be around wise, intellectual, and humble people.

Prince Toe embodies the true definition of a Boss Mann; when asked about his description of a Boss Mann, Prince said to Boss Mann magazine that a true Boss Mann must be honest and real. An honorable Boss Mann also needs to be loyal to his team. Taking risk is another Boss Mann trait to be successful; you must be willing to make the tough decision.

When running a business, it is always tricky because there are so many moving pieces; typically, a business owner is his marketing team, P.R. team, operations team, etc… Prince doesn’t just have one but multiple projects he works on. Prince understands it’s a big family sacrifice, not having to be around his wife and kids. Prince often misses his wife, but he does not marinate in self-pity. Instead, he uses that energy to motivate him while traveling.


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