Blaze bars

When your music manifests power and enthusiasm, you are bound to have success. Boss Mann magazine brings you an extraordinary musical talent straight out of Gainesville, Florida. We present Blaze Bars, a consistent talent with a rap-influenced presentation that has an impactful sound. As Blaze has stated in many interviews, he came from a musical family and grew up playing the drums. Blaze’s rhythm and the modern-day sound catching bars, effortlessly draw your attention to the expressive hooks. Blaze’s music comes from real-life experience or something he has seen around him. 

Blaze’s rap lines with dense dub-step style beats and assembly that grasp the many hip-hop genres develop exquisitely. Blaze’s music is energetic, witty, and it demonstrates his creative musical background. 

Coming from Gainesville, Florida, this keen Boss Mann has showcased enormous capacity in his work. Blaze’s lyrics again are swiftly charming with colossal rap effort and an electrifying melody line. Coming from a musical family, Blaze feels he was born with musical talent. As previously stated, he grew up playing the drums, but it was not always rap. Blaze feels music has always been part of his life; at some point, he came across a mentor that took the time to take him under his wing and help him develop a multitude of skill sets in music. 


Published by The Bossmann Magazine

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