Henry Nwoko

Henry Nwoko has spent the past six years working with individuals of various backgrounds and athletic ability to help them achieve transformative results. His method utilizes the most fundamental training approaches that prove the most effective in building muscle and losing fat while emphasizing natural Nutrition and supplementation. He has personally spent the last decade mastering his form while gaining strength and achieving a competitive physique while maintaining a deep passion for helping others do the same. In March 2019, he competed for the first time in the NPC/IFBB Governors Cup, classic men’s physique, bodybuilding division in Sacramento, and took first place. With a respectable social media following of over 12 thousand, he is respected for many reasons amongst his fans and followers worldwide because of his positive and motivational approach to everything he does. 

Originally from Nigeria, which is officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a sovereign country in West Africa bordering Chad, Niger, Cameroon, and Benin in multiple directions. Nigeria is a multinational state inhabited by more than 250 ethnic groups speaking 500 distinct languages, all identifying with various cultures. While Henry came from a very diverse country, it didn’t make it easier to bypass culture shock as he arrived in the United States. Henry’s family relocated to Chicago, and while he had to get adjusted to a new language and culture, his most vivid memory was the language lingo between different regions in the U.S. 

The love for physical training led him to become a well-respected Certified Personal trainer and Natural Bodybuilder. During his time in college, he was invited to be part of a film project; his friend was entering a film festival and needed actors. Henry remembers being mesmerized by the process of film making and appreciated the hard work it goes into making a movie. When he found out the movie won the festivals’ top award, it was a much better feeling—having been part of his friend’s project planted a seed in him. Some of Henry’s commercial credits include Adidas “Create Positivity” AD campaign National TV commercial and Pepsi/NFL “Ice The kicker” National TV commercial. 

It was not always an easy road for Henry; coming to such a big country like the U.S. can be overwhelming, and a lot of immigrant parents might have a different idea than yours on a career path. This is true of all ethnicities coming to the U.S., where they would like their child to be an Engineer, Lawyer, or a Doctor instead of an Actor. Henry quickly found out that he needed to live his own life and accept the career choices he made and not live for his parents as it might have been suggested at times. 

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