Shay Johnson

The Shay Johnson Story

From reality star to businesswoman, Shay Johnson sat down with Boss Mann Magazine as she shared her life-off-camera journey and the importance of spreading health wellness and fibroid awareness.

As a well-known cast member on Love and Hip Hop, you can catch this boss woman filming in Miami, but most do not know that she was born and raised in Hawaii. With having a father in the military, Shay Johnson adapted quickly to the constant move and change of scenery. Along with her mother and two brothers, the family traveled coast to coast, exploring the sights of San Francisco, New York, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. Being exposed to the different environments and walks of life presented her a chance to see the world but played a part in who she is today. The constant push to try new things propelled Johnson to follow her heart, leading her right onto our television screens. The world got introduced to Johnson during her appearance in VH1’s Flavor of Love 2 by the nickname of Buckeey. After tearing off her name tag on Flavor of Love: Charm School, we said our good-byes to Buckeey, and the reality star had a fresh start to present who the real Shay Johnson was. In 2013, we gained a new perception of Johnson as she joined the cast of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. Dedicated to telling her true story, she separated the persona of Buckeey and the real Shay Johnson by addressing the two upfront.

shay johnson

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