Boss Mann magazine had to do a Jermaine Carter follow-up story. An artist known as J Young MDK, we thoroughly enjoyed his story; we had to go a second round, this time for our coveted magazine cover.

We previously introduced you to Jermaine Carter, an American actor, rapper, singer, songwriter, and eminent entertainer who created music history through his revolutionary album projects; he released two albums from two different genres on the same day, a feat that was a first of it’s kind in the music industry. Jermaine dropped a Hip-hop and R&B project called Aqua and Black.

Jermaine Carter has also introduced us to his 50/50 musical campaign, which consists of releasing 50 songs over 50 weeks; Jermaine’s 50/50 project shows how much of a pioneer he is in the music industry. Jermaine’s projects are up to one million downloads/streams.

He’s been co-signed by mainstream entertainers such as Fat Joe and has worked on projects with Young Thug, his mentor – Jamie Foxx, and other world-renowned artists. Jermaine Carter is featured on the hit single, “Drunk Mess” with Young Thug, which exceeded 500,000 streams within the first two weeks. J Young’s record, “DRIP” featured R&B crooner SAMMIE, gained over
100,000 spins the first week. He was named the ‘Freestyle Champion’ of the ‘Roc the Mic’ tour led by Jay-Z after winning a rap battle against rapper Cassidy in 2006. Jermaine was invited to become a host/artist on a popular DVD series entitled Cheddar volume 9 in 2008.

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