Danny Urrea Jr. comes from Covina, California, a city in Los Angeles County, about 22 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, with a population of 47,963.

Danny is a talented hip hop artist who goes by the name of Eleven DMU. Before taking the music entertainer route, Danny Urrea Jr. was already a household name within the Los Angeles county football scene.  Danny was one of the area’s best receivers out of Covina High School and a well sought out player by many football colleges. Danny demonstrated a superior athletic ability early than most; for example, he is self-taught on backflips and other complex tumbling jumps. Somewhere on the internet, you will find YouTube videos of a young ELEVEN DMU doing Parkour jumps, “parkour” is a training discipline using movement developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners, called tracers or traceurs, aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment, and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

After high school, Danny had to make a tough life decision, continue with football or start a new chapter in music?  Danny remembers being very conflicted during this time because he didn’t want to make the “wrong” decision. After much prayer and guidance from his mother Mia and his music manager Johnny Elizalde, Danny chose music’s path. He decided to put his college career on hold, he didn’t necessarily quit college, but it was more of a pause. Danny understands the importance of getting a college degree and has not taken that for granted one bit; at this point and time in his life, he chooses to go with what he is passionate about and is going full force.

Currently, ELEVEN DMU is promoting an EP titled “From the Top,” which includes four total slappers. His fan base has well-received eleven’s projects and even those newcomers getting exposed to his music. Danny is not just a rapper; he is a very gifted writer and producer that can do it all; his latest project gives you a glimpse of his talent.


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