THe Shiggy Show

Shiggy was born in Queens, New York, on March 30, 1993. 

Late 2019, we recall seeing that Shiggy would be in Los Angeles working on a few projects; this became the perfect opportunity for Boss Mann magazine to reach out and document Shiggy’s story. Boss Mann magazine is about storytelling, and Shiggy has one heck of a story to tell.

Shiggy, mostly known for “The Shiggy Show” over the years, is a comedian turned Actor. In 2018 he gained astronomical fame after he posted an Instagram short video dancing to Drake’s hit single “In My Feelings.” Although the video went viral with several million views in a short amount of time, Shiggy was no stranger to popular Instagram videos. Before June 2018, Shiggy had been on his grind for over two years posting funny skits covering current popular topics in life.

Shiggy’s “In My Feelings” challenge was life-altering; it solidified him as a star in the making.  

The Shiggy challenge went on to become a global sensation; the entire world took on the challenge by creating their versions of the dance. The world was mesmerized with Shiggy’s positive vibes that it inspired creativity in others, although never endorsed by Shiggy, doing the Shiggy challenge with a moving car (ghost riding) became popular in its own way.

During his interview with ABC News, he acknowledged not every “ghost riding” video went as planned -– the attempts were, after all, dangerous. “You gotta challenge yourself; you gotta do crazy things and take it to the next level,” he said. “Some people took it way too far, but some people did it smoothly,” he said. “I really, I like the effort, you know.” “Dancing to me is all about having fun and being free and expressing yourself,” he continued. “Those people they tried expressing themselves in an amazing way… you could see the smile in their face and the dedication in their eyes as they do this, you know.” Hashtag #inmyfeelings is up to 786K posts, while Shiggy’s popular video as accumulated 7.4 million views, and in 2020 it continues to draw people to the original post.

After being interviewed several times since the video went viral, Shiggy has shared with many media outlets that the video was definitely organic and with no intention to go viral with it, he danced to a heartfelt song, and his life changed forever. Several celebrities also became a factor in spreading love, Will Smith, Ciara, and Kirk Franklin, in naming a few. Will Smith’s interpretation on top of a bridge in Budapest, shot with a drone, became his favorite. He told ABC News that he is still amazed that the pure dance reached millions around the world, including Dubai and Pakistan. “All different types of countries just sending me videos… All the crazy places that you would never think.”

In August, Drake released the much-anticipated music video to accompany his single –- not only did it feature a cameo from Shiggy, but dancers also mimicked the now-viral dance he created. That video has over 165 million views on YouTube.


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