Marsha Ambrosius

GRAMMY-nominated R&B soul singer, songwriter, and pianist Marsha Ambrosius graces the November 2019 cover of Boss Mann Magazine’s Boss Women issue.

Hailing from Liverpool, England, Ambrosius, the multi-talented artist responsible for co-writing Michael Jackson’s hit single, “Butterflies” off the King of Pop’s Invincible album is truly one of the most respected artists in the music industry. Marsha’s third album, NYLA, named after her daughter, Nyla, is a critically acclaimed masterpiece. It is considered to be one of her boldest body of work to date. 

In the last four years, she met her husband, married, and gave birth to Nyla. “Bringing a daughter into the world just added to the size of my heart and music,” she said. “Playing the piano and writing are not one-dimensional anymore. I channeled something completely foreign to me. It is real love. I let go, fell in love, and became a wife and mother.”

It is impossible not to feel her music. In this cover story, Marsha opens up to Boss Mann Magazine about her journey as an artist, songwriter, mother, wife, and businesswoman. The beloved multi-faceted artist continues to set new goals for herself while inspiring others along the way to be their very best!

During our interview with Marsha, it was straightforward to see how humble she is as a person. We spent an entire day doing a photoshoot with Marsha on a sunny day in Los Angeles, California. The time spent at Lavish studios was magical. Marsha shared with Boss Mann that she wanted to keep shooting more outfits; she felt fabulous throughout the entire production. Marsha demonstrated her natural modeling ability, and the images shot display her talent.

Our very own Princess Fortier sat down with Marsha to discuss a few topics right after the photoshoot ended. Marsha shared with Princess how glamourous she felt throughout the day, being a mother, she does not always have all the time in the world to treat herself because she is busy watching over her daughter Nyla. She appreciated the fact that she could relax and have a good time on set. As a proven talent, platinum-selling artist, and sought-after songwriter, her schedule is very hectic and fast-moving, so we appreciated the time she gave The Boss Mann magazine to get to know her a bit more. 

Princess touched on Marsha’s “Old times” video, which went viral once it dropped. In the short film, Marsha’s husband Dez Billups plays the leading character; in the video, he is seen walking down the street enjoying life while having a good time with a group of neighborhood kids. Dez’s character depicts a man showing love to his community and is well respected. At some point during the video, inexplicably and without provocation, he is suddenly stopped by the police. A series of events take place after getting stopped, these events speak to the song’s lyrics, which talk about praying for a safe return home, and referencing “Those red and blue lights flashing.” Not only did her husband Dez play a main character in the video, but her daughter Nyla also started in the video. To Marsha’s utter surprise, baby Nyla did exceptionally well on set and was a natural in front of the camera.  

Marsha’s social narratives always play a significant factor in her music; in the “Old times” video, she brings awareness to social injustice and police brutality. Marsha’s music makes her a Boss Lady by pressing on topics that people are hesitant to discuss openly.  

After having discussed a great topic from her “Old times” video, Princess asked Marsha how she chooses to relax from her ever-evolving schedule, Marsha went on to tell us that she is a dedicated fan of Oculus, a virtual reality game. Oculus can be played almost anywhere with a virtual reality headset and a pair of controllers, the game is set-up effortlessly, and it works with any environment so she can play it standing or sitting in most spaces. Before playing, she has to set up her space, so she does not accidentally hit anyone around her, including her daughter Nyla. Marsha truly enjoys shooting games and plugging herself in this virtual reality world is a stress reliever. Marsha shared with us she is globally rated #7 in the zombie game she plays and can probably rank #1 if she had more time to play. Marsha wins in everything she touches!! 

Marsha Ambrosius

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