Henry Nwoko

Henry Nwoko has spent the past six years working with individuals of various backgrounds and athletic ability to help them achieve transformative results. His method utilizes the most fundamental training approaches that prove the most effective in building muscle and losing fat while emphasizing natural Nutrition and supplementation. He has personally spent the last decade mastering his form while gaining strength and achieving a competitive physique while maintaining a deep passion for helping others do the same. In March 2019, he competed for the first time in the NPC/IFBB Governors Cup, classic men’s physique, bodybuilding division in Sacramento, and took first place. With a respectable social media following of over 12 thousand, he is respected for many reasons amongst his fans and followers worldwide because of his positive and motivational approach to everything he does. 

Originally from Nigeria, which is officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a sovereign country in West Africa bordering Chad, Niger, Cameroon, and Benin in multiple directions. Nigeria is a multinational state inhabited by more than 250 ethnic groups speaking 500 distinct languages, all identifying with various cultures. While Henry came from a very diverse country, it didn’t make it easier to bypass culture shock as he arrived in the United States. Henry’s family relocated to Chicago, and while he had to get adjusted to a new language and culture, his most vivid memory was the language lingo between different regions in the U.S. 

The love for physical training led him to become a well-respected Certified Personal trainer and Natural Bodybuilder. During his time in college, he was invited to be part of a film project; his friend was entering a film festival and needed actors. Henry remembers being mesmerized by the process of film making and appreciated the hard work it goes into making a movie. When he found out the movie won the festivals’ top award, it was a much better feeling—having been part of his friend’s project planted a seed in him. Some of Henry’s commercial credits include Adidas “Create Positivity” AD campaign National TV commercial and Pepsi/NFL “Ice The kicker” National TV commercial. 

It was not always an easy road for Henry; coming to such a big country like the U.S. can be overwhelming, and a lot of immigrant parents might have a different idea than yours on a career path. This is true of all ethnicities coming to the U.S., where they would like their child to be an Engineer, Lawyer, or a Doctor instead of an Actor. Henry quickly found out that he needed to live his own life and accept the career choices he made and not live for his parents as it might have been suggested at times. 


Blaze bars

When your music manifests power and enthusiasm, you are bound to have success. Boss Mann magazine brings you an extraordinary musical talent straight out of Gainesville, Florida. We present Blaze Bars, a consistent talent with a rap-influenced presentation that has an impactful sound. As Blaze has stated in many interviews, he came from a musical family and grew up playing the drums. Blaze’s rhythm and the modern-day sound catching bars, effortlessly draw your attention to the expressive hooks. Blaze’s music comes from real-life experience or something he has seen around him. 

Blaze’s rap lines with dense dub-step style beats and assembly that grasp the many hip-hop genres develop exquisitely. Blaze’s music is energetic, witty, and it demonstrates his creative musical background. 

Coming from Gainesville, Florida, this keen Boss Mann has showcased enormous capacity in his work. Blaze’s lyrics again are swiftly charming with colossal rap effort and an electrifying melody line. Coming from a musical family, Blaze feels he was born with musical talent. As previously stated, he grew up playing the drums, but it was not always rap. Blaze feels music has always been part of his life; at some point, he came across a mentor that took the time to take him under his wing and help him develop a multitude of skill sets in music. 

Prince toe, Sr.

shoe Designer, bodybuilder and book author

In our November 2020 issue, we bring you Prince Toe Sr., born in Monrovia, Liberia, in 1982. Raised by his grandmother and being the firstborn, he learned responsibility at a young age. Prince remembers having to relocate to his mother’s native country at seven years old, Ivory Coast. A child having to relocate can be a positive experience for a family, but it can also have negative implications for the children involved. Relocating to a new home has the most overwhelming impact on kids over the age of 5, as it’s intensely challenging for them to leave behind friends and adjust to a new school during this significant time of development. Having to pick up and move was not mainly a fun experience for Prince Toe; adjusting to a new culture became the norm.

Prince is also a professional natural bodybuilder and published author. Prince’s book is titled “New Age, New Awakening & Your Health Is Your Wealth.” Prince also manages to find the time to be a martial artist, bodybuilder, and soccer player. Prince told Boss Mann magazine that he likes to help others reach their dreams and be around wise, intellectual, and humble people.

Prince Toe embodies the true definition of a Boss Mann; when asked about his description of a Boss Mann, Prince said to Boss Mann magazine that a true Boss Mann must be honest and real. An honorable Boss Mann also needs to be loyal to his team. Taking risk is another Boss Mann trait to be successful; you must be willing to make the tough decision.

When running a business, it is always tricky because there are so many moving pieces; typically, a business owner is his marketing team, P.R. team, operations team, etc… Prince doesn’t just have one but multiple projects he works on. Prince understands it’s a big family sacrifice, not having to be around his wife and kids. Prince often misses his wife, but he does not marinate in self-pity. Instead, he uses that energy to motivate him while traveling.

Mike Peele


Boss Mann Magazine is fortunate enough to bring you yet another powerful story that changes lives. 

We are blessed to bring you Mike Peele’s story.

Who is Mike Peele?

First and foremost, Mike Peele is a Boss Mann by any standard.  

Mike Peele is a blessed and multi-talented individual, a man dedicated to this craft, self-motivated, and while he admits of being a bit impatient at times, he is always looking for the silver lining in any situation. Mike is also a lover and no longer a fighter but does fight through adversity with such ease.

Based on Boss Mann Magazine’s experience, we discovered that Mike always comes from love, which sets him apart because people will always gravitate to love, and love always wins. There is no doubt about Mike Peele’s love energy, but we also found out that he equally possesses the same energy for health & wellness and entrepreneurship. 

Mike Peele is a fitness athlete/content creator influencer born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Detroit, MI. Mike started a movement called “Hip Hop Fit”. Mike’s program is one of Los Angeles’s top dance/fitness workout classes; due to COVID-19 pandemic, it currently runs on YouTube, and it has accumulated a total of 154,000 subscribers with multiple thousand views per video drop. Mike’s class consists of a high energy dance class and addicting dance moves anyone can follow. Mike’s Hip Hop Fit class burns at least 300 calories with up to 1000+ calories per session; it also helps build a toned body and push your mind and body to the next level. A great thing to point out about Hip Hop Fit is that it makes sure nobody feels judged, and everyone is welcome to take the class from beginner to advanced fitness. Reaching fitness goals and committing to a new and improved lifestyle is Hip Hop Fit’s goal. Mike’s program came from a place of love as he wanted to instill his passion for dance and fitness. While people get so much out of Hip-Hop Fit’s program, Mike shared with Boss Mann Magazine how rewarding it is to see people connect with others right away, friendships, and relationships have come from these dance workout sessions. It has also allowed him to see how so many different people from all backgrounds come together and share the same passion, health, and wellness. Mike is most proud of people’s lifestyle changes knowing they will live a happier and healthier life.

Pick up a copy here: https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1878774


Shay Johnson

The Shay Johnson Story

From reality star to businesswoman, Shay Johnson sat down with Boss Mann Magazine as she shared her life-off-camera journey and the importance of spreading health wellness and fibroid awareness.

As a well-known cast member on Love and Hip Hop, you can catch this boss woman filming in Miami, but most do not know that she was born and raised in Hawaii. With having a father in the military, Shay Johnson adapted quickly to the constant move and change of scenery. Along with her mother and two brothers, the family traveled coast to coast, exploring the sights of San Francisco, New York, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. Being exposed to the different environments and walks of life presented her a chance to see the world but played a part in who she is today. The constant push to try new things propelled Johnson to follow her heart, leading her right onto our television screens. The world got introduced to Johnson during her appearance in VH1’s Flavor of Love 2 by the nickname of Buckeey. After tearing off her name tag on Flavor of Love: Charm School, we said our good-byes to Buckeey, and the reality star had a fresh start to present who the real Shay Johnson was. In 2013, we gained a new perception of Johnson as she joined the cast of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. Dedicated to telling her true story, she separated the persona of Buckeey and the real Shay Johnson by addressing the two upfront.

shay johnson