Danny Urrea Jr. comes from Covina, California, a city in Los Angeles County, about 22 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, with a population of 47,963.

Danny is a talented hip hop artist who goes by the name of Eleven DMU. Before taking the music entertainer route, Danny Urrea Jr. was already a household name within the Los Angeles county football scene.  Danny was one of the area’s best receivers out of Covina High School and a well sought out player by many football colleges. Danny demonstrated a superior athletic ability early than most; for example, he is self-taught on backflips and other complex tumbling jumps. Somewhere on the internet, you will find YouTube videos of a young ELEVEN DMU doing Parkour jumps, “parkour” is a training discipline using movement developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners, called tracers or traceurs, aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment, and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

After high school, Danny had to make a tough life decision, continue with football or start a new chapter in music?  Danny remembers being very conflicted during this time because he didn’t want to make the “wrong” decision. After much prayer and guidance from his mother Mia and his music manager Johnny Elizalde, Danny chose music’s path. He decided to put his college career on hold, he didn’t necessarily quit college, but it was more of a pause. Danny understands the importance of getting a college degree and has not taken that for granted one bit; at this point and time in his life, he chooses to go with what he is passionate about and is going full force.

Currently, ELEVEN DMU is promoting an EP titled “From the Top,” which includes four total slappers. His fan base has well-received eleven’s projects and even those newcomers getting exposed to his music. Danny is not just a rapper; he is a very gifted writer and producer that can do it all; his latest project gives you a glimpse of his talent.



Boss Mann magazine had to do a Jermaine Carter follow-up story. An artist known as J Young MDK, we thoroughly enjoyed his story; we had to go a second round, this time for our coveted magazine cover.

We previously introduced you to Jermaine Carter, an American actor, rapper, singer, songwriter, and eminent entertainer who created music history through his revolutionary album projects; he released two albums from two different genres on the same day, a feat that was a first of it’s kind in the music industry. Jermaine dropped a Hip-hop and R&B project called Aqua and Black.

Jermaine Carter has also introduced us to his 50/50 musical campaign, which consists of releasing 50 songs over 50 weeks; Jermaine’s 50/50 project shows how much of a pioneer he is in the music industry. Jermaine’s projects are up to one million downloads/streams.

He’s been co-signed by mainstream entertainers such as Fat Joe and has worked on projects with Young Thug, his mentor – Jamie Foxx, and other world-renowned artists. Jermaine Carter is featured on the hit single, “Drunk Mess” with Young Thug, which exceeded 500,000 streams within the first two weeks. J Young’s record, “DRIP” featured R&B crooner SAMMIE, gained over
100,000 spins the first week. He was named the ‘Freestyle Champion’ of the ‘Roc the Mic’ tour led by Jay-Z after winning a rap battle against rapper Cassidy in 2006. Jermaine was invited to become a host/artist on a popular DVD series entitled Cheddar volume 9 in 2008.

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THe Shiggy Show

Shiggy was born in Queens, New York, on March 30, 1993. 

Late 2019, we recall seeing that Shiggy would be in Los Angeles working on a few projects; this became the perfect opportunity for Boss Mann magazine to reach out and document Shiggy’s story. Boss Mann magazine is about storytelling, and Shiggy has one heck of a story to tell.

Shiggy, mostly known for “The Shiggy Show” over the years, is a comedian turned Actor. In 2018 he gained astronomical fame after he posted an Instagram short video dancing to Drake’s hit single “In My Feelings.” Although the video went viral with several million views in a short amount of time, Shiggy was no stranger to popular Instagram videos. Before June 2018, Shiggy had been on his grind for over two years posting funny skits covering current popular topics in life.

Shiggy’s “In My Feelings” challenge was life-altering; it solidified him as a star in the making.  

The Shiggy challenge went on to become a global sensation; the entire world took on the challenge by creating their versions of the dance. The world was mesmerized with Shiggy’s positive vibes that it inspired creativity in others, although never endorsed by Shiggy, doing the Shiggy challenge with a moving car (ghost riding) became popular in its own way.

During his interview with ABC News, he acknowledged not every “ghost riding” video went as planned -– the attempts were, after all, dangerous. “You gotta challenge yourself; you gotta do crazy things and take it to the next level,” he said. “Some people took it way too far, but some people did it smoothly,” he said. “I really, I like the effort, you know.” “Dancing to me is all about having fun and being free and expressing yourself,” he continued. “Those people they tried expressing themselves in an amazing way… you could see the smile in their face and the dedication in their eyes as they do this, you know.” Hashtag #inmyfeelings is up to 786K posts, while Shiggy’s popular video as accumulated 7.4 million views, and in 2020 it continues to draw people to the original post.

After being interviewed several times since the video went viral, Shiggy has shared with many media outlets that the video was definitely organic and with no intention to go viral with it, he danced to a heartfelt song, and his life changed forever. Several celebrities also became a factor in spreading love, Will Smith, Ciara, and Kirk Franklin, in naming a few. Will Smith’s interpretation on top of a bridge in Budapest, shot with a drone, became his favorite. He told ABC News that he is still amazed that the pure dance reached millions around the world, including Dubai and Pakistan. “All different types of countries just sending me videos… All the crazy places that you would never think.”

In August, Drake released the much-anticipated music video to accompany his single –- not only did it feature a cameo from Shiggy, but dancers also mimicked the now-viral dance he created. That video has over 165 million views on YouTube.

Marsha Ambrosius

GRAMMY-nominated R&B soul singer, songwriter, and pianist Marsha Ambrosius graces the November 2019 cover of Boss Mann Magazine’s Boss Women issue.

Hailing from Liverpool, England, Ambrosius, the multi-talented artist responsible for co-writing Michael Jackson’s hit single, “Butterflies” off the King of Pop’s Invincible album is truly one of the most respected artists in the music industry. Marsha’s third album, NYLA, named after her daughter, Nyla, is a critically acclaimed masterpiece. It is considered to be one of her boldest body of work to date. 

In the last four years, she met her husband, married, and gave birth to Nyla. “Bringing a daughter into the world just added to the size of my heart and music,” she said. “Playing the piano and writing are not one-dimensional anymore. I channeled something completely foreign to me. It is real love. I let go, fell in love, and became a wife and mother.”

It is impossible not to feel her music. In this cover story, Marsha opens up to Boss Mann Magazine about her journey as an artist, songwriter, mother, wife, and businesswoman. The beloved multi-faceted artist continues to set new goals for herself while inspiring others along the way to be their very best!

During our interview with Marsha, it was straightforward to see how humble she is as a person. We spent an entire day doing a photoshoot with Marsha on a sunny day in Los Angeles, California. The time spent at Lavish studios was magical. Marsha shared with Boss Mann that she wanted to keep shooting more outfits; she felt fabulous throughout the entire production. Marsha demonstrated her natural modeling ability, and the images shot display her talent.

Our very own Princess Fortier sat down with Marsha to discuss a few topics right after the photoshoot ended. Marsha shared with Princess how glamourous she felt throughout the day, being a mother, she does not always have all the time in the world to treat herself because she is busy watching over her daughter Nyla. She appreciated the fact that she could relax and have a good time on set. As a proven talent, platinum-selling artist, and sought-after songwriter, her schedule is very hectic and fast-moving, so we appreciated the time she gave The Boss Mann magazine to get to know her a bit more. 

Princess touched on Marsha’s “Old times” video, which went viral once it dropped. In the short film, Marsha’s husband Dez Billups plays the leading character; in the video, he is seen walking down the street enjoying life while having a good time with a group of neighborhood kids. Dez’s character depicts a man showing love to his community and is well respected. At some point during the video, inexplicably and without provocation, he is suddenly stopped by the police. A series of events take place after getting stopped, these events speak to the song’s lyrics, which talk about praying for a safe return home, and referencing “Those red and blue lights flashing.” Not only did her husband Dez play a main character in the video, but her daughter Nyla also started in the video. To Marsha’s utter surprise, baby Nyla did exceptionally well on set and was a natural in front of the camera.  

Marsha’s social narratives always play a significant factor in her music; in the “Old times” video, she brings awareness to social injustice and police brutality. Marsha’s music makes her a Boss Lady by pressing on topics that people are hesitant to discuss openly.  

After having discussed a great topic from her “Old times” video, Princess asked Marsha how she chooses to relax from her ever-evolving schedule, Marsha went on to tell us that she is a dedicated fan of Oculus, a virtual reality game. Oculus can be played almost anywhere with a virtual reality headset and a pair of controllers, the game is set-up effortlessly, and it works with any environment so she can play it standing or sitting in most spaces. Before playing, she has to set up her space, so she does not accidentally hit anyone around her, including her daughter Nyla. Marsha truly enjoys shooting games and plugging herself in this virtual reality world is a stress reliever. Marsha shared with us she is globally rated #7 in the zombie game she plays and can probably rank #1 if she had more time to play. Marsha wins in everything she touches!! 

Marsha Ambrosius

Cheryl Cobb

Boss Mann magazine must bring light to female stroke victims because our talented entertainment powerhouse executive Cheryl Cobb faced it, and survived it, during her interview with Boss Mann magazine, she unsealed details about her frightening experience dealing with a stroke. Leaping straight into further information about her unfortunate health condition, Cheryl recalls being on the road while managing award-winning  American R&B singer Fantasia Barrino, and during a hectic season in her career,  she remembers waking up feeling her body paralyzed; she labeled it as not having movement on her left side. Chery’s medical set back was a very dark time in her life but felt very fortunate and blessed to have her family by her side to support her with prayer and encouragement. Cheryl encountered a long recovery, but her resiliency kept her motivated to beat this unfortunate situation. She never missed a physical therapy, which was crucial to her prompt recovery.

Cheryl Cobb is author of the groundbreaking book “Dirty Lil Secrets: Nobody Wants to Tell You About the Entertainment Industry,” Cheryl has been a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment business for decades molding the careers of countless artists and entertainers. She is the woman behind some of music’s biggest and most talked-about artists. Cobb has provided advice and career management to multiple Grammy Award-winning artists, including Toni Braxton, Chanté Moore, Fantasia, Will Downing, En Vogue, Escape, Da Brat, Sparkle and many more. She has also provided consultative advice to American Idol winners, including Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia, Tamyra Gray, Ruben Studdard, and Jordin Sparks.

“Dirty Lil Secrets: Nobody Wants to Tell You About the Entertainment Industry” is a page-turning and must-read book for anyone looking to break into the world of entertainment. In a very concise strategic and eye-opening narrative, Cheryl Cobb has revolutionized the way we look at entertainment. If you are looking for a ‘good read’ offering ten steps that will change your life, when applied if you’re considering elevating your career in the entertainment industry, this is the book.

Cheryl’s story is essential because of the work she has done in the entertainment business. Historically, the entertainment industry management has been male-driven and not very generous to women, for Cheryl to have blossomed in such an atmosphere speaks volumes of her passion, talent, and willpower. Cheryl’s new book is evidence of her giving heart. While the book has a catchy title, “Dirty Lil Secrets,” the content is geared towards assisting individuals to minimize risks. The bottom line is that if you are equipped and abundantly understand the entertainment industry, you will make a better decision and avoid a mistake.

In giving you a sneak peek of her book, Cheryl spoke to us about her first of ten chapters. The first chapter sets the expectation that you will be fired while working in the entertainment industry. She teaches people about the different dynamics that go on where you can potentially lose your job. Some of the factors include record labels obtaining new management that will bring in their team, so you no longer fit in the company’s vision. Collateral damage is almost a guaranteed label you will wear at one time or another as an artist or entertainment employee.

Cheryl’s purpose is to get you ready for rejection. Having to deal with rejection can take a toll on individuals and discourage them because they can’t handle rejection.  The entertainment industry is about having to prove yourself repeatedly, but more importantly, it’s about how you rebound and or respond from disappointment.  The beauty of her book comes from her life experiences within the music industry. Cheryl wrote the book to provide you real-life experiences and not a third-party story. She confesses to being fired by the best and being overpowered by all the struggles and roller coaster of emotions. Cheryl touches on the healing aspect and the recovery aspect of life. Being armed with life tools to handle adversity is what she offers in her book.