Jewellz Creations / Shavonne Cantrell

Jewellz Creations is owned and operated by Shavonne Cantrell, she provides excellent gourmet food, a flawless presentation, and special attention to detail. Jewellz Creations will always cater to your design and preference and execute your dream event. In addition to food catering, they are also a full-blown event planning organization. They can provide food, desserts, all types of decorations, video and photography services.

They’ve been in business for over five years and have catered to over 175 + events from corporate, weddings, parties, and fashion shows.  Jewells Creations dishes are made with the finest ingredients. Jewellz Creations list of clients include The Melody Trice Show, iLondon Fog Studios, Boss Mann Media, The Movement LA, and House of Yere.

To paint a better picture of Jewellz Creations owner, Shavonne Cantrell, we decided to do a quick interview with her. To start, she gave us her definition of a boss, a boss is defined by their work ethic and determination. A boss is someone who doesn’t quit and is always willing to learn from mistakes. Being a Boss doesn’t come without a sacrifice, during her time as an entrepreneur her biggest sacrifice has been time that she can’t get back. In addition to losing time, the biggest obstacle in her industry she has faced is procrastination, but she has been able to overcome it by learning from her experiences. Procrastination, less distraction and opportunists are something she can do less of in life.

Shavonne has raised her children to always think of others and be considerate for the less fortunate. In addition, Shavonne has also thought her daughters about generational wealth, to the point where four of her daughters have their own businesses. Shavonne’s family is her motivation to keep building.

Advice Shavonne gave Boss Mann magazine was to break the power of bad habits. An example you always hear from people is that “they aren’t morning people”, meaning they can’t get up early, but what if you started to watch your “before you go to bed patterns”, people will eat late, stay up late watching TV, drinking coffee, etc.   Shavonne’s point is that breaking the bad night patterns can potentially change how you feel when you wake up the next day.  Shavonne wants to give advice to give back so others do make the same mistakes she has made in the past.

We are thrilled to be able to document Shavonne’s story, and see it grow over time. We know many blessings are coming to her business and family, she gives more than she receives and that is a great quality that not too many people have these days.

Welcome to the Boss Mann Family!!

You can find her at:  @jewellzcreations


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